You have to know about humana dental

humana dental process is gonna work and then from there I’ll go ahead and do an inspection and if I find damage then I Would share with them the footage but then

I would ask them to do a homework assignment which is to check out my references and to check out my company and all of the information that I

gave them in a presentation packet at the beginning of that process while I go out to my truck my office if you will to prepare my contract proposal agreement proposal and they know thatI’m doing that right like I would

even give them a blank copy of the agreement like here’s the agreement here’s what it’s going to say the price is going to say total insurance rcv

approval right so I mean I don’t have to have a number to fill in later and again that’s something I talk about a lot of my other content is that they’re

agreeing to the total approved our CVnot to a specific dollar amount right but I would let them know that I’m gonna go out to my truck I’m gonna

prepare an agreement proposal that is if I find the damage and I’m gonna come back in you’ll do your homework assignment I’m gonna do my

homework assignment and then at that time you’ll have the opportunity to sign with me and I would explain all of that so that there are no surprises

I’m not doing any high-pressure sales tactics and next assuming that they do sign with me and we’re moving forward then immediately I want to go into

coaching mode into preparation mode I want to go even farther and even