With insurance treatment “white teeth” also OK, with that condition

 It has been mentioned above that there are several types of dental restorations, such as inlays and crowns, but it is only the CAD / CAM “crown”, ie the crown, which is accepted asinsurance application.

 In addition, the insurance application of CAD / CAM crowns is currently based on “premolars in the upper and lower jaws (# 4 and # 5 teeth counting from the middle anterior teeth)” and “first molars in the lower jaw (early central teeth) It is limited to the 6th tooth), and the front teeth are not covered by insurance.

 In the case of the lower first molar, “when the second molar (the seventh tooth counting from the middle anterior tooth) remains in all four, top and bottom, left and right, and the left and right are firmly fixed with uniform force” Insurance applies only in

 Despite these limitations, premolars and molars can only be covered with silver teeth under conventional insurance treatment, but with the application of CAD / CAM crown insurance, white teeth can now be inserted under insurance as well. It would be a very happy story for the patient.

 As for the amount of money, while the conventional silver tooth is around 3,500 yen, CAD / CAM crown is around 9,000 yen with a 30% burden, and its quality, that is, very natural considering its natural appearance and beauty Demand for CAD / CAM crowns is expected to grow rapidly from now on.

Insurance application is 
different material from the existing “silver tooth substitute” ceramic

 However, I would like to explain that “CAD / CAM crown” is a white covering that can be used as an alternative to existing silver teeth and that is different from a ceramic covering that is not covered by insurance. The insurance CAD / CAM crown is made of hybrid resin. Hybrid resin is a material that mixes ceramic (porcelain) powder with dental plastic called resin.